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As a member of Skyline Airways we ask you to respect the following simple rules.

  • Respect the rules of the network you are flying on (FSCloud, IVAO, VATSIM, etc.)
  • For tracking and reporting flights SIM ACARS  must be used explicitly
  • All flights must be flown in real time (no accelerated mode)
  • Flight rating is based on the handling of your aircraft, among other things the following points have to be respected
    • Usage of lights (Taxi, Beacon, Landing below/above 10000ft)
    • Speed limits (max 250kt below 10000ft, max 25kt taxispeed)
    • Landing VS below 650fpm for Validation -  750ft + is deemed rejection of Pirep and Aircraft crash on landing
  • Leave a comment in the report for serious mistakes
  • Reports with a rating below 65% are rejected without any exceptions!!

  • Book a flight only if you intend to fly, reserving aircrafts is not permitted
  • Members without a flight in 3 months are considered inactive and may lose their membership
  • Pirep must be sent within 12 hours of flight ending otherwise it will be deemed void and cancelled off.

    You must fly the flights as per flight plan and conditions. That means..

  • Dwnloading and loading into FSX the flight plan for that flight and sticking to it unless in an Emergency
  • Using the weather that is detailed in the flight info Metar if your using real weather.  If not select as close to!.
  • Adhearing to altitude, decent and speeds according to your flight.
  • Failure to not taxi correctly ( skipping accross taxi ways ) will result in percentage taken from your flight rating! ( Remeber below 65% and automatic rejection )